"Love & Miracles"

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Life brings little miracles everyday and we just need to recognize them. A type of magic happens when you meet someone. Special miracles bring us together at times when love is needed most. It can truely restore your faith in people. Time is short so when the miracle happens, hold on to it. It is always the smallest moments that mean the most, a cup of coffee, a quiet moment in front of a fire, the silence of a fresh fallen snow. We should enjoy all these little miracles, they seem small but the feeling is large. I can't convey the depth emotions that occur within but these moments are a blanket for the soul. Love makes us gentler and can help carry us through those stormy times, that so often happen in life. Don't miss out, see all the colors in life...that is to say, experience all that is life. Many go through life without seeing the colors. The touch of a true love is one that make the fire burn warm and bright. The trick is to always keep it burning that warm and bright. Value your love because it is really the only thing that makes your life rich. Love is like water against rock, always flowing softly but cutting through life and making it deeper and more beautiful.