This was written as a eulogy for my beautiful wife Skye. No amount of money or hoping can bring back this kind, gentle and beatiful soul, only to say that I loved her. Like most, I never really knew what I had until she had gone. As well as I knew her, it wasn't enough.

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When we come into this world, we come with two eyes which take the images of the world and transfers them to our brain, so we can see all the beauty around us....God's creation. For a long time I've been seeing with a different set of eyes...the eyes of love. In the morning when she woke, coming, robed into the room with her hair all dishuffled from the previous nights sleep, asking whether the coffee was ready...."These eyes of love saw only beauty." At times she was ill and without make up, feeling terrible about herself..."These eyes of love saw only beauty." She lost her hair and would feel so self conscious about her bald head, not wanting anyone to see her..."These eyes of love saw only beauty." Near the end of her life, her poor little body ravaged by illness, not looking at all like herself..."These eyes of love saw only beauty." You ask yourself.."Why would God take one so beautiful?" I believe she was so beautifaul that God wanted her back. Her beauty was her caring more for others than herself. Her beauty was her blue eyes, which were the windows where you could view her beautiful spirit. Her beauty was her loving this man who often asked.."How can you love me?" Today we set her free to travel in God's Cathedral. To travel amongst the trees, air, mountains, sky and beyond. She loved to travel! Church for Skye and I was not a building and our religion was not a ceremony. God's cathedral is all that you see around you and beyond your vision. Our religion was and is to treat others with kindness and respect...for this is the only religion anyone possesses. I will admit, Skye had a little more of that religion than me, but she brought me along way. So, this is a "Hello" and "Good Bye"...Good Bye to the way we were and Hello to to the way we are now. I love you Skye and you will always be here in my heart and head. I will continue to see you with "These eyes of love"... for the beautiful person you are on the outside and the most beautiful you are on the inside. These few words can never convey all that I feel, only to say that you made me a better man.
This is Skye and Cliff on an Alaskan cruise. Glacier is in the backgrond. We were so fortunate to have spent so much time together. I know she absolutely enjoyed this trip.
This is Skye and Cliff on a trip to the Grand Canyon. She had never seen the canyon, so I took her there. She showed me around Sedona. She said parts of the trip were like a review of her life.

 This is picture was taken on a trip outside Skagway Alaska. The Yukon was great.

 This picture was on board the ship. I told her to show some excitement about the start of the trip. Skye in her usual way, expressed excitement like no one else could
 Skye was a powerful force in my life. She came along when I was at a low point. Her attitude and personality was always positive and upbeat. She was a beautiful lady whom I miss so much, but she always said that things happen for a reason. I believe our getting together was something that served both of us well. I would be hard pressed to meet another like her.

 We were married in Gatlinburg and it was wonderful.


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