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 Concealed Magnetic Push Catch (Black Nylon) Installs in a hole in stile 1-1/2" deep x 19/32"(15mm) diam. Strong spring ejects 3/8" Front plate on 15/16" centers.
 MD-25S...See Price and Buy

 Triple Fixed Magnet 30# Pull Heavy Duty riveted construction for special application where extra-strong pull is required. May be used with either large strike or 2 small strikes. Brass Plated Steel. Magnet height 5/16" Magnet length & width 3"x3/4" Magnet screw holes 1" on center apart. Long strike 3"x3/4" Short Strike 1"x3/4", small nibs on back to keep from spinning.
 M-1293P...See Price and Buy

 Thin Man Magnet 9 LB Pull (Black Nylon) Only 3/8" Thick but strong enough. Black Nylon
 MGP-262S...See Price and Buy

 Drill & Drive Cylinder Magnet 4 LB magnet (Black Nylon) 3/8" Face Diameter, 5/16" Hole Diameter, 3/8" depth Nylon housed permanent magnets to drive into holes in wood. Maximum pulling power in minimum space. Screw on strike plate
 MGEMO-1S1...See Price and Buy
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Magna Latch Round Profile Double Push Catch. 5/8" high, black nylon with extra strong spring and extra strong magnet. Ejects 5/8"
M-559S... See Price and Buy



Magnetic Latch Square Profile Single Push Catch. Measured in millimeters.
M-548SQUARE... See Price and Buy

 M-299 B

 Face Mounting Magnet Permanent Alnico non-swivel magnet for frontal mounting with right angle adjustable strike. 13lb pull, light brown nylon. Strike is 3/4" wide x 1-15/16" long with holes 1-1/2" (38mm) apart. Strike is 3/4" x 3/4" x 1-1/8" long with 3/8" adjustable slots on 7/8" (22mm) centers, stat. bronze finish on steel.
 M-299 B...See Price and Buy

 Economy Magnet One of the most widely used magnets, Dark brown nylon, with 9lb. pull swivel magnet, 1/8" above ground level.
 1/2" high x 1-1/16" deep x 2-1/16" long. Adjustment slots 1/2" long on 1-5/8" (41mm) centers. Standard rectangular strike 7/8" high x 1-3/16" wide, statuary bronze.
 M-1294B...See Price and Buy

 2-3/4" long x 13/16" deep x 11/16" high. Standard strikes: 7/8" high x 1-3/16" wide Stat. bronze. (Optional Long Strike 2-1/2" long...specify long plate when ordering)

 Extra High Rise Double Magnet Two 9lb. pull swivel magnets are raised 3/8" above ground level to accomodate gaps between door and frame and make location of strike easier. Adjustment slots are on 32mm multiples (64mm apart) and are oversize (1/2" long) Dark Brown Nylon. May be used on two separate doors or as one 18lb magnet with a long strike plate on heavy doors.
 MGP76/64B...See Price and Buy

 Extra High Rise Single Magnet Swivel Magnet, 9lb. pull, raised 3/8" above ground. 1/2" slots 32mm apart. Brown Nylon
1-5/8" long x 13/16" deep x 11/16" Strike: 7/8" high x 1-3/16" wide. Statuary Bronze
 MGP75LGSTRKB...See Price and Buy