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 S-2500..See Price and Buy per 50 Count.

5/8"diam.5/8"nail Nickel Plated Steel


 S-2520..See Price and Buy per 50 Count.

5/8" diam. 3 Prong Glide Nickel Plated Non-Hardened Steel


 PL-2510..See Price and Buy per 50 Count./

5/8" diam. with 5/8 inch nail. Made of Tan Polyethylene


 PL-2530..See Price and Buy per 50 Count./

3/4" diam. with 5/8 inch nail. Made of Tan Polyethylene

 SC-1253U..See Price and Buy set of 4 Upholstered Chair & Sofa Frame Caster. Fastens in the bottom corners of the frames, Eliminates the need for corner blocks. Steel bracket ((.085" steel) strengthens frame. Wheel is black phenolic thermoset plastic. Wheel Diameter: 1-5/8" Effective Height 1-3/16" Capacity: 290 lbs.


 SCREF800....See Price and Buy set of 4. Call for quantity pricing. Double Appliance Caster. Load rated at 800 lbs per set. This has been designed for rollinf refrigerators, dishwashers and other heavy appliances in the home or office. Two 7/8" OD x 1-1/2 long white propylenr wheels are mounted in tandem and riveted to a heavy duty zinc-plated steel chassis. Width: 1-3/4" Length: 1-3/4" Mounting Height: 1-7/16" Screw: 5/16-18 x 7/8" long with hex nut


 GFS-118-1/4WN....See Price and Buy Metal Nickel Cover Glide with White Plastic Glide Cap. A rigid non-swivel glide with incorporated hex nut for adjustability with wrench. Needs T-Nut. 1/4" x 20 Thread with 1" screw.


"U" Shaped Angle Bracket 1/8" Steel , Wall Mount. 1-5/8" high x 1-7/16" wide x 1-1/8" deep for #10 Screws. Bracket Only SGDBLANGLM8U....See Price and Buy Bracket Only About this leveler.The Original M8 Super Levelers. Slotted-Top Swivel-Base Adjusters. Height adjustable with screwdriver from inside the case after installed, Base pivots and swivels to conform to floor.
All Steel with polyethylene cover on bottom to protect carpet. Also hole covers in 3 colors to fit 3/8" hole. M* thread (5/16" diameter) in 5 lengths.
See sizes and ordering info to the right. "L" bracket not available.

 Bolts for GDBLANGMBU listed below. Illustrated Install of "U" Bracket Version to the left below


 SGBOLTM8X75U....See Price and Buy 3"Length. Don't forget to order "U" bracket or "T" nut.
 SGBOLTM8X90U....See Price and Buy 3-1/2"Length. Don't forget to order "U" bracket or "T" nut.
 SGBOLTM8X100U....See Price and Buy 4"Length. Don't forget to order "U" bracket or "T" nut.
 SGBOLTM8X116U...See Price and Buy 4-1/2"Length. Don't forget to order "U" bracket or "T" nut.
 4-Prong T-nut 7/16" long, undershelf mount. T-nut Only FM8TNUTU standard..... .25 cents each or 100 for .15 cents each.



 SGBLOCKX80U....See Price and Buy Height adjustable glide with pre-drilled wood block. Pre-drilled wood block with pre-inserted adjustable 3-1/8" glide, ready to screw-on to the inside corners of the furniture. Holes are drilled for #9 flat head screws. Height is adjustable both from the bottom with a wrench or trough the top with a flat blade screwdriver. Glide base is covered with a nylon carpet protector. (Measurement are approximate.)



 SGHEAVY ...See Price and Buy Super adjusting glide holds 2000 pounds. Specially engineered for extra heavyweight cabinets. May be used externally or internally. Recess in top of bolt makes easy adjustment under full load with Allen wrench. Cold rolled steel, .079 guage, with 3/8" x 3" steel bolt. Pivoting steel base is capped in polyethylene for carpet protection.


 F-1/4STNT-U.....See Price and Buy. 3 prong T Nutst 1/4" x 20 Thread with 5/16" long barrel. Fits glide #GFS-118-1/4WN

SG-33-134 ....See Price and Buy Swivel Adjustable Glide Screw projection 1" Long x 1/4-20 thread with 1-5/16" diameter swivel base in nuetral tan injection molded polyethylene, For use with 3 prong "T" nuts or propeller nuts. "T" Nuts are the next item below