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 Leg Mounting Plate Call for price break if quantity is 100 or more. Tempered .067 steel plate with 5/16-8 steel nut staked in the center. 2-3/4" x 2-3/4" with 5 holes for fastening with #11 screws. Plate only, no screws included
 SS-325ANGL U..Table Angled Leg Mounting Plate: Buy 10 Degree Angle
 SS-325STRT U...Table Straight Leg Mounting Plate: Buy Straight

 H-899P...Drop Leaf Reastaurant Table Hinge Set: Buy Heavy Duty Steel, Restaurant Table Hinge. Strong Spring Hold-Up Clip to hold up heavy leaves. Precision assembly for durability and ease of function. Tighter fitting of the coils to insure flat opening. Peening of ends to lock pins in place. If you find these at a lower price, be sure to check the quality as cheaper imitations are made. Buy 6 sets and save.

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 H-11527K .....Drop Down Table Flap Hinge: Buy Drop Panel Legs for Wall Units. To convert a drop panel on a wall unit to a table or work surface. Legs pivot 270ª to lay flush with inside panel ofpanel and are concealed inside cabinet when panel is raised. .060 steel, chrome plated. For use with number 6 screws. Accomodates 1" square legs of wood or steel. (Screws not included)


 H-22283R... Brass Card Table Hinge: BuyCard Table Hinge, Sanded Brass 180 Degree fold over hinges for hankerchief table construction. Closed Size 3"


 S-149L... Folding Table Leg Hinge: Buy Folding Leg Fitting for long extention tables where it is necessary to provide additional support legs. Folds up underneath when not in use. Spring activated trigger release provides positive locking in both open and closed positions. Accomodates 1-1/2" square leg without cutting or shaping. Steel, bronze and unhanded.


 H-65800L... Folding Table Leg Hinge: Buy Our S-149 folding leg fitting is great for card tables but it's limited to square legs of 1-1/2". Our new folding leg fitting projects this into the real heavy-duty area. It has no limit on size of the leg! The rugged construction will hold up real heavy legs and folding shelves. Steel, bronze and unhanded.