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Two Finishes

H-32435-N...See Price and Buy Pair for Nickel

H-32435-L...See Price and Buy Pair for Bronze

Price break for 100 or more, call for price (90º Opening) All Metal Adjustable Drop Flap Hinge. For Heavier flaps. 6-way adjustable. Detachable for separate mounting on flap and shelf. Flap opens flush with shelf. Lipped edging conceals roughness of bore. No routing or mortising. Drill 35mm hole, 11mm(7/16" Deep) and 11/32" from edge. Boring setup is identical on both parts. All metal, Nickel Plated, Bronze may be available.

 H-98N...See Price and Buy each Two hinges in one! Multi purpose reversing hinge in Nickel. Unique loose pin allows change from a flush inset door hinge ("A") or remove pin and reverse small leaf to create an overlay door hinge ("B") Inset door opens 180º, øverlay door opens 270º. 054 Steel plated in nickel.


 H-99P...See Price and Buy each Brass Plated, Tight Pin, Offset Hinge. 2 Views of the hinge pictured at left.


 H-370PF/L...See Price and Buy each No Mortise Lid Hinge. Bronze hinge made for 3/4" thick wood edge. As shown Widest part is 2", Narrow part is 1" wide. 1-7/8 deep

 HKOMPAC.... Call for availability, sold by each not pairs. Drop Flap Hinges (90º opening) Flap opens flush with inside shelf. Fits flush in door and shelf surfaces. Completely concealed from exterior. Uses 30mm Forstner or flat boring bit 5mm from edge of panel. White or Brown Nylon with steel & brass linkage.

HKOMPAC/11B See Price and Buy each (7/16" thick) for 3/4" wood in Brown

HKOMPAC/11W See Price and Buy each (7/16" thick) for 3/4" wood in White

HKOMPAC/8B See Price and Buy each (5/16" thick) for 5/8" wood in Brown

HKOMPAC/8S See Price and Buy each (5/16" thick) for 5/8" wood in Black

 H-2010 INOX....See Price and Buy each not pairs Stainless Steel (full mortise) Super Hinge for Super Doors 180º opening for door min. 1-1/4" thick with capacity up to 90 lbs. per pound! 3-1/2" Long with solid links of stainless steel bars. Body of ABS Nylon with Stainless steel surface. 3D below.