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Colonial Pumkin Jar

CPJ-1 ..See Price

Reproduction of Colonial Pattern Sugar Jar used by Sellers and others. Jar is 7-1/2" high x 7-1/2" Diameter. Includes Steel Rack & Lid. Clear Glass

  "Baby"Pumkin Jar

BPJ-2 .Discontinued

Miniature version of the colonial pattern pumkin jar. Jar is 4-1/2" Diameter x 4-1/2" high. Includes wire rack & steel lid. Clear Glass. Makes nice candy jar



Sugar Jar Dispenser Cap

 SJD-6..See Price

Replacement dispenser cap for many swing-out type Sugar Jars 3" Diameter. Lever to open and close made of Steel, Cap is aluminum

2 sizes..Aluminum Lids Fits most sugar jars and some cracker jars. No Threads.

Size is approximate so no guarantee of fit

SJL-3...See Price each...Inside diameter 5-1/8"

SJL-4...See Price...Inside diam. 4-3/8"



Inside Diameter 6 3/4" Pin Diameter 3/8". Lift off sugar jar rack used in many Hoosier style kitchen cabinets. Fit standard Hoosier mounting bracket.




JR-10...See Price

Inside diam.-6 7/8" ...Height 2 1/2". Wire rack for round sugar jars used with many Hoosier style cabinets.


Inside diameter 6 5/8" W x 7 1/4" long. Height 2 1/2". Wire rack for Sellers sugar jar with "S" embossed on sides of jar.