"Mandarin" Porcelain

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All Items below are meant to mix & match

 Mandarin Porcelain Collection, Hard to Find Black And White

 HA-7016-63 Tray 7"x7"x1" Discontinued
 HA-7023-63 Lidded Round Box 5"x2.5" See Price and Buy
 HA-7033-63 Small Flared Cachepot 6.25"x6" Discontinued
 HA-7034-63 Large Flared Cachepot 8.25"x8" Discontinued
 HA-7048-63 Small Urn Jar with Lid 7"x10" Discontinued
  HA-7049-63 Large Urn Jar with Lid 9.5"x14" Discontinued