Beautiful Hand Painted Porcelain, Cast Iron and Decorating Accessories of all kinds.

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 Post & Quill Porcelain, Jars, Cachepots, Box, Trays & Eggs


 Bohemian Mercury Jar Glass


 Haan Wood Display Case


 Plume Porcelain & Peacock Items


 Nautical (Aquatic)Porcelain, Jars, Cachepots, Box, Trays & Pictures


 Magnetic Oceanic Specimens


 "Morning Fern & Dragon Fly" Porcelain & Giant 32" Jar


 "Botanical Specimen" Porcelain


 "Blue Aquatic Fish Porcelain"


"Fancy Goldfish Porcelain" 


 "Audubon Porcelain"


 "Mandarin" Porcelain


 "Filigree" Porcelain


 "Royal Ledger" Porcelain


 "Honey Bee & Bee Medallion" Porcelain

 "Eden Porcelain"


 "Paradise Porcelain"


 "Kimono Porcelain"


 "Liza's Wallpaper" Porcelain


 "Fall Leaf" Trays


 "Tooth Fairy Porcelain"


 "Bucket Planters"




 Lanterns by HomArt

 Portland Mirror


 Don't miss this neat little collection.

Cast Iron Items


Cast Iron Crown Hooks & Placeholders



Hands in Cast Iron & Wood



Displays for Home & Business


 Cool Wooden Figures


 Valentine Hearts, Cast Iron, Glass & Wood


 Parisian Footed Platters


 We can get any HomArt Item even if not pictured here. Just give us a item number or the name of the item along with a description.