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Black spots on my boat and house siding!

Are you seeing small black spots on your boat or siding? This frequently happens where a body of water is near. This may be the problem. The black spots are most often caused by spiders, yes spiders. They literally take a dump and the little black spot is the result. Another sign of this problem. When you get up in the morning a web is across your door and no matter what, the web returns to the same spot everyday. You don't see the spider, because they work at night. I found it helpful to go out at night with a fly swatter and eliminate as many as you can. It helps to do this every couple of weeks. The first time you may want to do it for 2-3 days in a row. This black tar like material is hard to remove. I found oxiclean worked best to clean these spots, however you will need to contact the manufacturer of the item to be cleaned to be sure oxiclean won't damage the surface.