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Garage door doesn't always close!

Your garage door doesn't always close? Starts to come down but then goes back up? Well the obvious is that the sensors own each side are blocked by an object or they are not aligned. If you've already tried these and failed then this may be the problem. Even some garage door repairmen don't catch this problem. Pay attention to the the time of day and the sunlight. When the sunlight at dusk or dawn shines into the sensor, garage door will start to go down then returns to open position. The sunlight is causing this problem. The only way to cure this is to block the sunlight in some way like plant a bush outside the door in a position which puts shade on the sensor during those times of day. Be sure not block the path between the 2 sensors I know this sound s crazy but it is true. Also you should have a professional do some routine maintenance on a garage door. The nuts and bolts on the hinges of the door shake loose with time and can impede its operation. Adjusting spring tension on a garage door should be left to a professional, it is dangerous work. Garage doors maintenance is one of those things people ignore.