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 S-2794...See Price and Buy pair Pair of Bookcase Door Stops & Pivot Brackets picture below and to right
When the closed dooor is pulled out to the horizontal position, the Wheel/Stop pivots in the Bracket so that the door can be pushed inside the cabinet.

 Attachment of S-2794 shown below


S-2795...See Price and Buy Pair of Bookcase Door Liners. Shown Above.
10-1/2" long x 1" high with 1/4" roller lip, made of Steel. Mounts on the inside of the cabinet for smooth door movement. Can be cut. Some Attachment of S-2795 shown at right.


Two Sizes Below 

 11-1/2" Size:
 BL-2798...See Price and Buy Pair of 11-1/2" Long Bookcase Straps. Shown Above.
11-1/2" long x 1" high. Steel with Black Finish. Mounts on the outside of each sectional case to align stacks.. Each Strap has an interlocking clip for side to side alignment of multiple stacks. Includes 2 Steel 3/4" long x 5/16" wide Wedges which is inserted in a slot near the front of the strap. Attachment of S-2798 & S-2799 shown at right.
 17-1/2" Size:
 BL-2799..See Price and Buy Pair 17-1/2" Long Bookcase Straps.

Scrathes will appear on black finish brackets which occurs with this product.

Bookcase Equalizers  

 S-2790...See Price and Buy Leg- 24 1/4" long x 7/16" wide Includes screws and 3 screw eyes for installation. Steel...instructions included. Unit pictured will do one door. Used on C and SD SeriesSectional Bookcases by Globe Wernike.  
 S-2789...See Price and Buy.- Leg- 24" long x 5/8" wide. Extension-13" Long x 1/4"w. Long Leg 29-1/2" Long x 5/8" w. Includes screws and screw eyes for installation. Steel...instructions included. Unit pictured will do one door. Used on E, G, H Series Sectional Bookcases by Globe Wernike. Will work on Macey and other makes of this dimention in conjunction with brackets & straps.  

 Eye Screws, Zinc Plated Steel 29/32" Long x 7/16" Wide. Inside Diam. of eye is 9/32"

S-3027.......12Pack.....See Price and Buy

 M2-0351D...See Price and Buy.- Globe Wernicke and Macey type knob in antique brass finish. 1/2 inch diameter by 3/8 inch projection. Most common size used on most brands of barrister stack bookcase.