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 "Warning:" Resin Ornaments are non-returnable if shipping damage is not reported immediately upon receipt. Ornaments are very fragile and more breakable than glass. Attachment of ornaments should be accomplished with glues only. They may be drilled but a your own risk. These are made of a plastic type resin material.

Resin (Imitation Wood) Index

Resin About Resin Ornaments...Installation, Coloration Etc.

Resin 1 Cheribs

 Resin 2 Lion Head Shaped Ornaments

 Resin 3 Face Shaped & Cameo Ornaments

 Resin 4 Larger Top & Center Piece Ornaments

 Resin 5 Smaller Top & Center Piece Ornaments

 Resin 6 Rosettes, Smaller Top & Center Piece Ornaments

 Resin 7 Larger Paired Ornaments

 Resin 8 Smaller Paired Ornaments

 Resin 9 Keyholes & Corner Ornament

 Resin 10 Drawer Pulls...Cherib Fruit & Leaf Patterns