Resin Ornaments

About Resin Ornaments...Installation, Coloration, Etc.
 "Warning:" Resin Ornaments are non-returnable if shipping damage is not reported immediately upon receipt. Ornaments are very fragile and more breakable than glass. Attachment of ornaments should be accomplished with glues only. They may be drilled & attached with nails, but a your own risk. These are made of a plastic type resin material.

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About Resin Ornaments These ornaments are made of a plastic type material. They are exact copies of original wood carvings used on old furniture. The process used to make them picks up the grain of the wood in detail. Once installed, They are hard to tell from the real thing.

  Installation Scuff sand the back and glue in place. If the unit is to be glued to is laying flat, place the ornament in the proper position and weight it down until the glue is dry. If gluing to a verticl surface, you may have to resort to nails. DO NOT try to drive the nails directly through the ornament. PRE-DRILL NAIL HOLES. However, it would be better if it could be clamped in place until dry.---If the ornament is thick enough, it can be attached with screws from the back side. But again, be sure to PRE_DRILL the proper size hole for the screws to be used. If holes are drilled too small piece may shatter.

**Oak Stained Ornaments can be darkend with a Walnut Finish. Special Orders: All ornaments can be special ordered in an Oak Finish, Walnut Finish, or with No Finish. With no finish, the ornament can be stained to match your restoration piece. Allow 6-9 weeks for delivery of special orders.