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Tulip Bunn Foot

XT-1032-8C...See Price and Buy 15/16" Square Tubex 8-3/8" Long. 2-1/2" square Mounting Plate. Satin Chromed Steel Leg with adjustable glide.

 W8-2612...See Price and Buy. 3-3/8" diam. x 4-3/4" deep


 LELR-4025A...See Price and Buy. 4" x (3.75"-2.375") 25 percent discount on case of 36 (Non-returnable case)

 W5-2622...See Price and Buy. 6-1/4" High x 4-1/2". Maple Leg



 W5-2646...See Price and Buy. 6" Quenn Anne Winged Leg-Maple  W8-2616...See Price and Buy 3-3/8" x 4".High Apple Bunn Foot-Pine


Pine Claw & Ball Cabriole Leg

 W8-2614...See Price and Buy. 3" High x 3-3/8" wide. Pine Bunn Foot  W8-2640...See Price and Buy 3-1/2" deep x 6-1/4" High Installed. 9-1/2" High overall. Pine Claw & Ball Cabriole Leg



Squat Bunn Foot

W8-2618...Discontinued. Bridle Pine Bun Foot 3-5/8" diam. x 4" high  W8-2610...See Price and Buy. 3-3/8" diam. x 2" high



W8-2620...Discontinued. Country Pine Bun Foot 3-1/4" diam. x 4" high