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Edgebanding & Hot Melt Glue Sheets

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 Edgebanding 1/32" thick x 13/16" wide...for 3/4" thick boards. That leaves just a little material to finish once installed. 50' coils. Instructions sent with each order.
 W2-5561...$28.95 per 50 foot edgebanding
 Hot Melt Glue Sheets Iron on adhesive...no mess...no tool cleanup! Sold by the lineal foot. Can be used on all wood veneers. Application: 1. Prepare a smooth, dust free surface. 2. Position the sheet of adhesive and iron to surface to be veneered using a regular iron on the cotton setting. 3. Peel paper backing off while still hot. (This may require removing the paper as you proceed with the application.) 4.Position the veneer and iron on to the adhesive. Work from one end to the other to prevent air pockets. 5. Weight down or clamp in place and allow surface to cool before trimming and applying a finish.
G-6855...24" wide $2.95 per lineal foot