Baby High Chir Tray, Arms, Leather Straps & Tray Hardware

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Curved Oak Baby High Chair Arms can be used with oak tray we sell. W3-5212.. Buy Now See Price

23" long following curve...18 1/2" long ...7/8" square

Spacers included

L-5221..Buy Now See Price

13" long x 5/8" wide Natural Leather, includes Screw snap for easy installation . Instructions included. Snap end attaches to bottom of chair seat. First appeared on High Chairs & Potty Chairsin the mid 1920's.


High Chair Tray Hardware. Long piece attaches to outside of the arm. Short piece attaches to the underside of the tray. Spring loaded clamp allows the position of the tray to be adjusted then locked into place. This style of hardware began to appear on high chairs in the 1940's.

 HC-12HERSH...Buy Now See Price

 Arm piece- 6" long x 5/8 wide x 7/8" deep...Tray piece- 3 5/16" long x 1" wide x 15/16" deep. Best if used with our W3-5226 Grooved trays or simular styles only. Comes as a set for attaching one tray.