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 W3-2701...Buy Chair Hip Huggers 6 1/2"h x 5 1/4" deep x 7/8" diameter. (Dimensions when installed.) 11" long from tip to tip when measured along the outer curvature. All measurements are approximate. One end is sanded flat to fit the chair seat, the other end is carved out to fit the chair back. Screw holes are predrilled. Unfinished, sanded and ready to install. Ends pointed. One left hand and one right hand hiphugger required per chair.


Hiphugger Clips

 AS-2700...Buy Chair Hip Hugger Clips Antiqued Steel, Reproduced from the original. Made to fit a 7/8" diameter hiphugger. Outside dimensions- 1" long x 11/16" wide x 1/2" high. Screw hole- 1/4" diameter. (Steel Screws Included.)

Turned Chair Rung...Creates the appearance of wicker wrapped chair rungs and cross bars. Two Sizes.

W1-6146...Screw Turned Chair Rung . 3/4" diam. x 24" long 1/4" pitch

W1-6147...Screw Turned Chair Rung . 7/8" diam. x 24" long 1/4" pitch