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 Caning Pegs - Used as a tool in Hand Caning

 W-7910...See Price and Buy per 50 pack


 B-7909...See Price and Buy per 10 pack, Brass caning Pegs

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 Makes weaving in the strands faster & easier. Snake the needle through the strands, thread the eye and pull needle across the frame.
 S-7921...See Price and Buy 21" Long


Can be used to move individual or multiple canes during any stage of the caning process by nooking one or both pins bihind the cane and pulling it into position. This toll makes caning easier with less repetitive motion and lighter finger load
  W-7922...See Price and Buy 5-1/4" Long
   A-0033....See Price and Buy The Caner's Handbook By Bruce Miller & Jim widess. A descriptive guide with step by step photographs to restoring cane, rush, splint, danish cord, rawhide and wicker furniture. Softbound, 143 pages.

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