Caning Wedges & Tools for Prewoven Cane

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  W-7930..See Price and Buy per five
 Caning Wedges - Used as a tool to install prewoven cane. One is used in the middle of each side of the chair, to hold prewoven cane in place. Fifth wedge is used to drive cane into groove. Spline is then pushed into groove and wedges removed as you go. Caning and spline should be soaked one hour before installation. White glue should be used to glue in spline, not carpenters glue.

  PL-7942...See Price and Buy each
 Caning Insertion Tool - A great help for the insertion of pre-woven cane into the corner areas of the spline groove. Plastic

  PL-7943...See Price and Buy each
 "Best" Caning Insertion Tool - Simply roll back & forth to insert positioned pre-woven cane into the groove. Plastic.