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.Works similar to reguglar ager only this will darken New Nickel Plated Hardware. May not work on Electro plated Items.

Used to antique or darken brass, copper, bronze, or tin. Easy to apply and causes no dimensional change. Gradual color change lets you control the color. Works on most non-coated metals. Informative label and available in three sizes...2 oz., 8 oz. & 32 oz.

Use as a dip or paint it on. To stop darkening process just put harware under water. Dry the hardware. Then use a polish to highlight the top surface. Gives brass hardware an antiqued look. Our #J-3450 Nevr-dull metal polish works well to highlight. When used as a dip use a non-metal container. See label for complete instructions. ***It will not work on our Trunk Hardware with a "D" in front of the item number. You can do some of the trunk hardware if you grind through the brassy finish then the solution will darken those areas giving a simulated antique "Blotchy Look" like old trunks look. Antiqued Hardware can't be returned.***

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