Laquer Spray Finishes

Original Masters Magic Shading Toners A nitrocellulose based laquer product with finely ground, top quality, non-fading pigments added for lasting color repair. Designed to be used over a clear finish.

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Laquer Spray Finishes...$9.65 per can.

Shading Toners $9.65 each

A combination of pigment, light resistant stains, sealer and laquer giving an opaque finish. Will cover any scratched or marred surface. 13oz Can

 Pigments  Cherries
 J-3477-01 Green Umber  J-3477-40 Cherry
 J-3477-02 Raw Sienna  J-3477-41 Perfect Cherry
 J-3477-03 Raw Umber  J-3477-42 Dark Cherry
J-3477-04 Burnt Umber  J-3477-43 Brown Cherry
 J-3477-05 Van Dyke Brown  J-3477-44 Natural Cherry
 J-3477-06 Burnt Sienna  Pines
 Walnuts  J-3477-50 Pine
 J-3477-20 Walnut  J-3477-51 Light Pine
 J-3477-21 Light Walnut  J-3477-52 Dark Pine
 J-3477-22 Dark Walnut  J-3477-53 Tavern Pine
 J-3477-23 Extra DkWalnut  J-3477-54 Classic Maple
 J-3477-24 Perfect Brown  
 Oaks  Mahoganies
 J-3477-30 Oak  J-3477-60 Mahogany
 J-3477-31 Light Oak  J-3477-61 Dark Mahogany
 J-3477-32 Dark Oak   J-3477-62 Cordovan Mahogany
 J-3477-33 Honey Oak  J-3477-63 Red Mahogany
 J-3477-34 Golden Oak  J-3477-64 Dk Red Mahogany

 Clear Touch-Up Laquers & Sealers

These remarkable low solids clear touch-up laquers do not overspray or halo when spot sprayed. Designed exclusively for the touch-up market. Dries in 15-20 minutes. 13 oz can

 J-3478-01 Gloss  J-3478-04 Satin
 J-3478-02 Semi Gloss  J-3478-05 Flat
 J-3478-03 Rubbed effect  J-3478-06 Dead Flat

Acrylic Water Clear $9.65 each

Acrylic-based finish that sprays out crystal clear. Non-yellowing formula

 J-3479-01 Gloss  J-3479-02 Satin

Shellac Spray

12 oz Aerosol Can clear finish with a slight amber cast. Use as an undercoat, finish, or sealer.

 J-3476 12oz Can Clear $8.85 each