Generic Instant Glues

This ADVANCE PERFOMANCE SERIES offers all the benefits of better known super adhesives at an affordable price. Bonds wood, metal, plastic, rubber, or other surfaces. Full strength cure in 24 hours. Contains no solvents and non-flammable. These clear liquid, ethyl based adhesives contain cyanacrylate ester.
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Instant Super Adhesive RED LABEL

Super thin, Penetrating Adhesive. Cures in 5 seconds at room temperature.

G-6861...See Price and Buy. bottle RED LABEL

Quik Gap-Filling Adhesive GREEN LABEL

Thick, Gap Filling Adhesive. Cures in 20 seconds at room temperature.

G-6862...See Price and Buy bottle GREEN LABEL

X-tra Gap-Filling Adhesive GOLD LABEL

Super Thick, Slow Cure Adhesive. Cures in 25 seconds at room temperature.

 G-6863...See Price and Buy bottle GOLD LABEL