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Zip Kicker, Debonder, Zap Gel, & Plastic End Tips
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Zip Kicker...Accelerator for Super Glues

Handy plastic bottle with pump sprayer. Zip Kicker has a special formula designed to instantly set the surface of Zap glues. Just spray on! (Note: the glue will still need to be allowed its full cure time.) Two sizes.

G-6893 2 oz. bottle ...See Price and Buy

G-6894 8 oz. bottle ..See Price and Buy

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Zap Gel

A very concentrated thick jelly...with the same formulation as Zap-A-Gap. Ideal for vertical surfaces as it will not run. One drop is all it takes. Bonds in 15 seconds..cures in 15 minutes.

 G-6887 .11 oz. tube ...See Price and Buy 

 G-6888 70 oz. tube ..See Price and Buy

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 Z-End Tips

Package of 10 Z-Ends & one 12" coil of Micro Dropper Tubing. An extending reach, slick tip for Zap Glues. Allows you to get into hard to reach areas. Use the Tubing on Zap CA. Use the Z-Ends for Zap-A-Gap and Slo-Zap.

 G-6896..See Price and Buy

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 Z7 Debonder

Debonding Agent for Super Glues. Uniquely formulated water-based Z7 Debonder will soften and remove cured Zap adhesives. Simply apply to cured adhesives, allow to penetrate (26 seconds), rub off softened adhesive. It's also great for removing pesky drops of glue from fingers.

 G-6895...See Price and Buy