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Regular Kotton Klenser Cleaner For use on all wood finishes-kitchen cabinets, woodwork, paneling and formica,ceramic and plastic, tile, vinyl, leather, marble, painted surfaces, whitewall tires. Cleans and removes water and heat marks, wax and silicone buildup, tree sap, and smoke damage residue J-3410...See Price and Buy
Kotton Klenser Metal Cleaner Removes tarnish, grease and discoloration from: copper, pewter, marble, nickel alloys, brass, chrome, aluminum, stainless, bronze, tin, and duragold. J-3412. . See Price and Buy
Kotton Klenser Protective Wood Feeder Can be used to give a natural wood finish to unfinished or freshly-stripped woods. When doing this, try an unnoticeable, small area to see if the results are what you desire. Keep in mind that siome woods (especially some oaks) have acids which tend not to be compatible with Protective Wood Feeder. J-3414...$9.95 per 8 oz. can.
Kotton Klenser Lemon Oil Beeswax Polish with Lemon Oil Beeswax Polish for a protective moisture-, alcohol-, and acid-proof finish. J-3416...See Price and Buy
Kotton Klenser Oil Painting Restoring Oil Gives lustre and protection to paintings, old and new, when used with Regular Kotton Klenser Cleaner. J-3418...See Price and Buy