Granite Cleaner, Sealer, & Polish, Etc.
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Marbamist Spray Cleaner gently cleans all natural or cultured marble and granite surfaces without streaking. Just spray it on and wipe it off. This unique product does not contain any harsh ingredientds. Biodegradable and environmentally safe.
 Large Size J-3441...$16.25 per quart bottle
 Small Size J-3441-8...$8.50 8oz. Spray Bottle w/Sprayer
Poultice Powder This easy to use poultice powder is designed to reabsorb stubborn stains out of stone that cannot be removed with liquid cleaners. This dry method does not require scrubbing. Mix with recommended chemical (see instructions) and apply.One Size J-3442...$18.95 per pint jar
 Marbacream (Marble Polish Restorer) A unique blend of polishing compounds that will restore the natural polish of most marble surfaces. It is ideal to revive dull marble. It will remove glass rings, dull spots, scratches, abrasions, etch marks, and even some surface stains.
 Small Size J-3444-8...$16.95 8oz. Bottle
 International Stone Polish A protective coating that will polish, protect and enhance the brilliant colors of marble. This polish will protect and provide a natural gloss. Simply apply it to the suface by hand and polish with a soft cloth.
 Large Size  J-3445...$36.95 per quart bottle
 Small Size J-3445-8...$13.95 8oz. Bottle
 Intensive Stone & Ceramic Cleaner An intensive, but safe, non-butyl pH balanced stone and ceramic tile cleaner that quickly penetrates heavy surface soils, soap scum, grease, oil, soot, ink, carbon (pollution), algae and mildew stains. This product is also an excellent surface stain remover and grout cleaner. Non-acidic.
 Large Size  J-3447...$19.95 per quart bottle