Chair Caning

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Caning 1 Prewoven Bleached

Caning 2 Prewoven Unbleached (darker)

Caning 3 Prewoven/ Radio & Medium Closed

 Caning 4 Wedges & Tools for prewoven installation.

Caning 5 Spline for installation of prewoven caning.

Caning 6 Spline Removal Chisels & Caning Awl

Caning 7 Hank Cane for Hand Caning Chairs

Caning 8  Caning Kits for Hand Caning One Chair

 Caning 9 Caning Pegs, Caning Needle, & Caning Tool for Hand Caning Chairs

 Caning 10 Binder Cane

 Breuer Chairs Seat & Back

Books and Videos about Caning