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Crystal Swirl Clear/Gold 7031-907

Crystal Swirl Clear/Chrome 7032-926

Crystal Swirl Dull/Gold 7033-907

Crystal Swirl Dull/Chrome 7034-926

Crystal w /Bubbles/Gold 7035-907

Crystal w/ Bubbles/Chrome 7036-926

Crystal Ball Clear/Gold 7037-907

Crystal Ball Clear/Chrome 7038-926


Crystal Ball Frosted/ Gold 7039-907

Crystal Ball Frosted/ Chrome 7040-926 

Crystal Ball Faceted/ Gold 7041-907 

Crystal Ball Faceted/ Chrome 7042-926 

Tin/White Ceramic 7046-587

Gold/White Ceramic 7047-588

 Old Bronze/ White Ceramic 7048-586

Tin/White Ceramic 7049-587 


Gold/White Ceramic 7050-588

Old Bronze/ White Ceramic 7051-586 

Tin/White Ceramic 7043-587 


Gold/White Ceramic 7044-588 

Old Bronze/White Ceramic 7045-586  

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 Finish color is marked below each item along with item number. Any items with the same finish matches. Style matching is obvious.