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Folding Binoculars in Brass or Nickel Finishes

Collapsible Metal Binoculars 4.75" wide x 4" depth x 2" High when open. Lever on side opens and Closes lenses. Folds Flat. Decorative and functional.

 AA-51769 Brass...$48.95ea
 AA-51770 Nickel...$48.95ea



Spyglass 12" Long Closed,

35.5" long extended. Antiqued brass finish telescope encased in leather. Shown both open & closed.

 AA-51017 ...$129.95 ea



Spyglass 5.25" Long Closed,

16" long extended. Brass finish telescope with brass trimmed wooden box. Box is 6.5" long x2.75" wide x 2.5" high

 AA-51139 ...$98.95 ea




Brass Periscope with "Stanley London" imprint 9.25 Long

 AA-51191 ...$98.95 ea