Hour Glass Timers

 Well, we don't have one that runs an hour, but you should get yours before time runs out.! Great timers for games and other uses .

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 30 Minute Timer.

UDA-954...$115.00 each

30 Minute Timer in Antiqued Brass, A real showpiece! This item is temporarily out of stock, so get one on order now! 15" High x 11" Wide x 7" Diameter.

 30 Minute Timer.

UDA-102...$29.95 each

30 Minute Timer in Polished Brass, an Elegant time piece! 10" High x 4" Diameter.

 30 Minute Timer.

UDA-1062...$32.95 each

30 Minute Timer Marble & Antique Brass, nice looking timer!. 7-1/2" High x 4" Diameter.

 15 Minute Timer.

UDA-100...$19.95 each

15 Minute Timer in Polished Brass. Nice Style. 6" High x 3" Wide.



AA-51332...$59.95 each

Timer in a heavier Brass than our other timers. Great Looking Timer 9.5" High x 4.5" Diameter.

Timer 30 minutes