Chair Seating Repair Videos

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 V-0011...See Price and Buy Chair Caning - The 7-Step Method. By Interlace Productions. Cane along with Linda Hickman, a professional chair weaver. Share her trade secrets through a color coded step-bystep procedure in the original 7-Step technique. VHS only. 60 minutes.


 V-0012...See Price and Buy Application of Pre-Woven Cane. By Interlace Productions. This video takes all the guesswork out of replacing pre-woven cane. It prvides step-by-step instructions for installing pre-woven cane in chairs with either a frame or spline & groove. VHS only. 45 minutes.


 V-0013...See Price and Buy Chair Weaving with Fiber Rush. By Interlace Production. This video provides complete step-by-step instructions for mastering the techniques of fiber rush seat weaving. VHS only. 66 minutes


 V-0014....See Price and Buy Splint Type Chair Weaving. By Interlace Productions. This video covers the splint technique of chair seat weaving and also illustrates the use of other materials such as shaker tape, flat reed splint, and various kinds of rattan, including binder and reeds. VHS only. 60 minutes.