Business Policy:

It is our desire to satisfy our customers whenever possible. However, some policies need to be established so that the customer and Rufkahrs Hardware are both treated fairly. We do our very best to treat our customers fair, as we want to have future business from you. Please read business policy and if you have questions then please call Cliff.

Shipping & Handling Charges: Most merchandise is shipped via United Parcel Service and some by U.S Postal Service, Rufkahrs makes decision as to method of delivery. Deliveries may require signature. Shipping & Handling Charges are non-refundable. All deliveries include a S&H charge. This charge is subject to change without notice. Shipping & Handling is strictly non-refundable, no matter what the reason. Errors in internet descriptions or measurements, errors in verbal description or measurements, appearance of a products or ANY other reason will not be grounds for refund of shipping and handling. We do our best to describe and price our items but with thousnds of products errors, do occur. NO REFUNDS OF SHIPPING & HANDLING FOR ANY REASON. In the event you choose next day air or any other expedited service. Rufkahrs will not be held responsible for any type of delay or non-delivery of product. Again we do our best to meet shipping schedules but some times delays can occur. NO REFUNDS OF EXPEDITED SHIPPING CHARGES.


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Rush Orders: Next Day, Two Day and Three Day shipping is available. Due to time zone differences orders may or not ship on the day order was placed. We are on Central time and will do our best to meet your shipping needs. Rush shpping charges can be as little as $25.00 and up to $90.00 or more. Please indicate your limit for this type of shipping.
Customer requested priority or expedited shipping services will be subject to an extra $3.50 service charge, above our regular shipping rates. Rufkahrs may choose to ship priority but no service charge applies when we choose. 
 Occasionally VERY HEAVY/ LARGE Orders require Extra Shipping. We will notify before hand if you are subject to these additional charges.
 Shipping for Foreign Orders will be calculated and a $2.50 handling charge will be added. Regular S&H rates will apply if calculated rate is less.
 AN ADDITIONAL $3.00 Service charge will be added to regular shipping charges on CUSTOMER REQUESTED priority mail service on all orders but especially when order is under $15.00, but ONLY when customer requests it. We do send many orders by priority mail at our choice (When best & cheapest) without any extra charge to customer. In any event, Rufkahrs Hardware chooses method of shipment on all orders unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
 Catalogs $3.50 each or $1.75 when shipped with Hardware Order. Catalog does not contain every item on the net. Orders are sometimes shipped in 2 separate shipments without extra charge. Catalog only contains only a portion of this site, mostly antique reproduction hardware.
 Be sure to include S&H . (Plus sales .0925% tax if you live in Tennessee)
 No returns or exchanges after 30 days, restrictions apply. See policy below. No CODs
  Any other governmental tax/fee or import/export fee are the customers responsibility.
Shipments: Orders will be shipped as soon as possible. Consult order form for estimate of delivery times. These are however estimates and can vary in some cases.

Rush Orders: We will do rush orders BUT ON OUR SCHEDULE and with extra charges. We prefer not to use customer shipper numbers and if we do use your number $2.50 handling will still apply. BE AWARE that next day and second day air charges can be VERY HIGH. We have seen small rush orders cost from $20.00 and up to $90.00 or more.

Pricing: All prices are subject to change without notice. Errors in pricing will not be honored. Prices do not include Federal, State or Local taxes or import/export fees that may be imposed.

Minimum Order: No Minimum order amount but we reserve the right to refuse some small orders. (Rare) We will call if this occurs.

Ordering: Please list items by part or order numbers. Include description & sizes of item where necessary. Orders may be mailed in, faxed, e-mailed or called in to 1.800.545.7947. Include name, address, city, state & zip code. Also include the form of payment along with telephone number.

Terms: Checks, Money Orders, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express accepted. (No C.O.D.s) Checks are accepted but must include all address information and telephone numbers. Company credit cards may be used but a contact name of a person placing the order must be included.

Missouri Residents: must add sales tax or include a Missouri Sales Resale Number. Tax rate is on order form. Missouri residents must pay sales tax on the order and on the shipping and handling . Orders shipped outside of Missouri are not subject to sales tax.

Returns & Exchanges: Returns & Exchanges must be made in 30 days of the invoice date. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES OVER 30 DAYS after the invoice date. All returns & exchanges must include a copy of the original invoice. Cost of shipping back a return is the responsibility of the customer, no exceptions including product quality, misinformation about product(We do our best to describe but it is impossible to get perfection) or for any other reasons. Any customer who uses a customer credit card chargeback to circumvent our policy will be subject to a $15.00 charge for this service. Use of Rufkahr's UPS or FedEx account for returns or any other reason, is strictly forbidden. In the event a customer should use our UPS FedEx account for any reason, a $25.00 surcharge will apply Plus the cost of return shipping if any will apply and will be charged to customer's account/credit card. This policy also applies to refused orders, non-deliverable or signature non-deliverable shipments, no exceptions. In the event of a non-delivery shipment, customer will be responsible for non-delivery return shipping charges minimum $10.00 Returned merchandise, must be returned in good condition and in original packaging. If items or part of ordered item is missing then ordered must be returned in original shipping container for replacement. (In other words, be sure your order is complete and undamaged before throwing out shipping container, no exceptions. Failure to return original shipping container may result in refusal to refund or replace items in that shipment. Altered items will not be refunded or exchanged. If product is in need of clean-up such as packing materials getting in to mechanism for example, there will be a $20.00 for this service Refunds & exchanges may be charged a $3.50 restock fee. All exchanges must pay S&H just as if it were a new order. Customer is responsible for the cost returning the items to Rufkahrs...this applies to both returns or exchanges.Any returns made after 30 days of invoice date will be subject to a 50% restock charge, but only if Cliff authorizes the return. In the event items are returned without approval, later than 30 days of invoice date, they will not be refunded. It is your responsibility to contact us for a return authorization number. Proof of contact is our authorization number which will be given to you. If you return without an authorization number then a $25.00 charge will apply against the return, Any other Standard S&H rates will apply to these non approved returns so product may be returned to customer. Some items are non-refundable and are noted on the pages where they are shown. No return of custom orders.

Damage Open your order upon receipt. If your order is damaged, report it immediately. Damage reported after 24 hours may result in refusal of replacement. It is a customer responsbilty to return damaged product if requested to do so.

Abandoned Post Office Box Deliveries or Undeliverable UPS Deliveries. We will deliver to PO Boxes in some situations, however if package is returned by the Postal Service due to packages not being picked up, then the customer will bear the cost of an additional shipping charge if package is re-shipped, no exceptions. All S&H is NON REFUNDABLE even if your delivery wasn't completed , no exceptions. This applys to all abandoned or undeliverable packages no matter whether they are US Postal or United Parcel Service or any other delivery method. Correct address information is SOLELY the purchaser's responsibility, no exceptions. If customer chooses not to have package redelivered, then only the price of the product can be refunded and only within the 30 day time limit. If you place an order, it is your responsibility to to pick up the package if it is postal or to be present to accept delivery from UPS or any other delivery service. Delivery services like UPS will leave notice of attempted delivery do not ignore these notices as you are responsible to accept delivery, no exception for ANY and ALL reasons. Lack of notices will not be accepted as an excuse. If actual cost of shipping is higher than our standard rates, then the difference will also be deducted from your refund. (Example: Shipping on invoices totals $10.00 but actual shipping cost is $15.00 per our records then you will be responsible for the $15.00 actual cost.) IN SHORT, Rufkahrs Hardware will not refund the shipping COST for abandoned or undeliverable packages for any reason. In addition a $15.00 surcharge applies to all non-deliverable or signature non-deliverable shipments

Governmental Fees & Tariffs: Customer will be responsible for any type import fees, tariffs, and other government fees imposed on orders outside the U.S.

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